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5 Major Destination Attractions…and How 360DG Does Them Differently

San Francisco, New York City, Orlando, San Diego, and more. 360DG boasts offices across some of the most notable cities in America, and we love to build programs that showcase the cultures of these destinations and what makes them tick. What we don’t do: the obvious. Here we introduce you to five of our most popular destination attractions or cultural highlights and how our various offices, unlike other DMCs, use them to create one-of-a-kind corporate events that are like nothing else.


San Francisco, CA

National Park rules prevent us from doing anything out of the ordinary on the island during the day, but when the sun sets, “the Rock” becomes one of the city’s most unique venues. On top of planning a truly amazing evening within the prison, 360DG actually has a special connection with someone who grew up on the island: the daughter of a former warden. So in addition to bringing in some former prisoners (some are available for special appearances and book signings), we also like to host her to share insights and personal stories about the prison that are both unique and engaging.

5 major destination attactions - Broadway musicals

Broadway Shows & Musicals

New York City, NY

It’s practically a rule that you must see a Broadway show when visiting the Big Apple. But 360DG makes that experience go beyond merely taking in a show. In the past, we’ve brought groups behind the scenes for meet and greets with the Broadway stars, who also offer lessons on singing, dancing, and acting in one of their actual rehearsal studios. You’ll leave with a whole new appreciation for just what goes into the making of a Broadway hit.

How 360DG Does Major Destination Attractions Differently - Brewery Tours

Brew Tour

San Diego, CA

San Diego is considered the “Capital of Craft Beer,” due to the amazing concentration of award-winning brewers and beers. Rather than slap together your one-size-fits-all, basic bar-hop, 360DG creates VIP experiences at each brewery along the way, including behind-the-scenes tours conducted by the masterminds of your favorite brews. Even the biggest beer connoisseur will learn something new as the group tastes its way across the county.

Disney World

Orlando, FL

Trips to Disney are pretty standard practice when groups come into Orlando, so to really elevate and differentiate that experience, 360DG sets up a home base within the park complete with food, drinks, and games. This allows the group to explore the park at their leisure while still having a space where they can mingle as a group. Keep the fun going at the hotel with careful consideration of color and patterns to create a sophisticated Disney theme that doesn’t feel like a child’s birthday party.

How 360DG does major destination attractions differently - Fort Clinch

Fort Clinch State Park

Amelia Island, FL

Exploring Fort Clinch, a Civil War–era stronghold, is always on the to-do list when it comes to visiting Amelia Island. But rather than a casual stroll in the park and its battlegrounds and barracks, 360DG likes to do a bike tour during the day, then cap it back at the hotel with an all-American patriotic event: a modern USO party featuring live bands that keep guests dancing in between courses of classic American dishes.

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