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360 Destination Group - Careers in Destination Event Planning


Brag-Alert! We are the best of the best and if you are too, let’s chat!

Can you rock a spreadsheet and the dance floor? We’re the place for you. Whether you’re an old pro, or a newbie to the corporate event planning world, you’ve come to the right place. We love all kinds and are serious about this fun, kickass job we do here.

We’ve been a trusted destination management company since 1978 – but here at 360DG, it’s not just about doing a job – it’s about exploring a career path that’s as exciting and diverse as our events. And let us tell you, we’ve got some serious “aha!” moments up our sleeves!

Ready to kickstart your journey with a leading destination management company? Let’s get you on board!

Generous PTO

Event-planning is no easy job, and that’s why we always encourage our employees to take some time off and recharge. On top of our discretionary vacation plan, our team gets an extra week between Christmas and New Year’s to relax with their loved ones and enjoy the holidays!

Mental Health Days

Nothing is more important than our employees’ well-being. If one of our team members needs some time off to reset, we always promote the benefits of taking a mental health day. Mental health days offer an opportunity for our teams to take a break and refresh their minds, so they can come into the office feeling well-rested.

Workplace Retention

At 360DG, we’re all about bringing on incredible talent – but we’re also keenly focused on keeping current employees loyal and happy for years to come. That’s why we’ve created a role with the prime purpose of monitoring retention and making sure our work family has what it needs to thrive.

Employee Appreciation

At 360DG, we always make sure to recognize team members who are sources of inspiration in the company – and not just because of the work they produce, but also because of their positive impact on our workplace culture. On top of highlighting superstar employees on a monthly basis, every Monday, we give inspiring team members a well-deserved shoutout!

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