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Entertainment and Event Design That Will Steal the Show

Let us set the scene: you’re planning your next corporate event and you want to make it one to remember. You’re envisioning a true showstopping experience that combines glitz, glamour, branding, culinary, and engaging entertainment — the likes of which your attendees have never seen. We have no interest in removing the stars from your eyes: we want to help you reach them! At 360 Destination Group, we’re passionate about entertainment and event design. With our in-depth knowledge of our destinations and industry know-how, we’ll help you make any program a tough act to follow.

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

The number one factor when selecting entertainment? Budget. Trust us; you don’t want to plan a symphonic musical number if your budget only allows for an after-party DJ. Entertainment can be costly, so getting the highest return on your investment is key. 

Our event design and development team are masters of making a splash while making every dollar count. Here are our top tips for blowing your audience away without breaking the bank:

1) You get what you pay for. 

One of the most essential benefits of working with a DMC is that we’ve done the hard part for you. Before prospective talent options are sent your way, 360DG has vetted them, seen their performances, and ensured they’re insured properly. Since we know the market in each of our destinations intimately, we know exactly how to find you the best quality entertainment for a fair price. So yes, that Elvis impersonator you met on the street might cost slightly less than our selection, but having a performer you know you can count on is priceless.

2) Variety is the spice of life. 

One of the best ways to maximize your entertainment spend is to select talent that can perform an array of acts or services. In Vegas especially, cirque-style talent often comes in clutch. These performers are multi-talented; they might juggle, walk on stilts, or even perform ribbon gymnastics.  If you can find one or two performers with diverse skills, you can pay them a little more and still save vs the cost of hiring multiple acts. With a little strategic stagecraft,  you’ll create a seamless experience that captures your attendees without missing a beat.

3) Embrace the magic of a costume change. 

Walk-around or character talent is an extremely popular way to add some fun and flair to your event. Instead of hiring a troupe of actors, give performers a chance to change costumes during the program. You’d be amazed at how two performers can feel like four or even six! You can bet your bottom dollar that your attendees will love the variety of photo opportunities.

4) Don’t be afraid to remix the format. 

Band or DJ, that is the question. Well, how about both? Many bands can incorporate a DJ into their performance. The DJ might play background music during the event while the band takes over at the end of the night for dancing. Many DJs can also incorporate a piece of the band, perhaps a drummer or violinist, to kick up the production value. While these acts may cost more than individual bookings, combining them can save you money and amp up your event’s entertainment factor. Your DMC likely has a few of these variety show-style acts in their arsenal!

5) Living la vida local. 

Embrace the local scene by featuring homegrown talent, such as a community marching band, dance ensemble, or choir. It’s a budget-friendly move that also roots your event in the local community.

Reaching for the Right Stars

One of the most common pitfalls planners encounter when selecting entertainment is choosing something that appeals to them — not necessarily their guests or theme. Sure, an appearance from an A-list celebrity will have your guests star-struck. But, if you allocate a large portion of your budget towards one entertainer you may not have enough left for décor, food and beverage, or other important event design elements. It’s all about balance; the key is to strike the right one. 

We often partner with a cover band or corporate dance band who puts on an amazing performance and can also back up or support celebrity singers or acts. This celebrity singer collaboration creates a huge “wow” moment for attendees for far less money than enlisting a solo A-lister and hoping they strike the right note.

Put Your Brand Center Stage

Get ready to steal the show! Many companies want to put their logo and branding in the limelight. From branding the DJ facade to having the band dress in the brand’s colors, there are countless fun ways to infuse your brand into the entertainment. 

Take a recent event we organized for a client launching a new product and brand. They wanted to generate buzz and excitement, so we went all out. 

Picture this: a towering 25-foot branded wall with a high-energy trampoline act, decked out in costumes that matched the new product’s vibrant colors. As guests entered, they were greeted by a thrilling spectacle of ten performers leaping and flipping off the wall, setting the stage for an unforgettable unveiling. Now that’s how you make a grand entrance!

Food for Thought: Integrating Entertainment and Culinary Event Design

Ready to spice things up even further? Cue the collaboration between entertainment and catering teams. When these creative forces combine, magic happens.

Picture this: bartenders skillfully stenciling your logo atop craft cocktails, adding a personalized touch to every sip. But why stop there? Elevate your catering game with interactive, branded experiences. Imagine a wall adorned with your logo, where hands emerge to serve up signature drinks or small hors d’oeuvres. These imaginative touches not only delight guests but also reinforce your event’s theme or brand message.

These Instagrammable moments are as unique and engaging as they are socially shareable. 

Why settle for stationary snacks when you can have them on the move? Strolling beverage and food tables are another great way to bridge the gap between entertainment and food. This is especially useful if you have limited space for food and beverage stations, as they can weave easily through the crowd while adding a creative and interactive activation.

Plan Standing Ovation Worthy Performances

When planning corporate events, we know a few things to be true:

  • The end goal is always to create a memorable, shared experience;
  • Attendees crave entertainment that leaves a lasting impact

That’s where holograms come in, making a comeback in the corporate event scene. This technology can bring your CEO and presenters together on stage or even feature a celebrity cameo welcoming guests without them needing to be physically present.

At a recent event, 360DG took technology integration to the next level for a client looking to showcase their brand in a high-impact way. We proposed a mesmerizing 20-drone performance paired with an LED acrobat. The solo performer, wielding a lightsaber, commanded the drones in a stunning display. The drones interacted with dancers, changing colors and performing choreography that combined stage combat and acrobatics. To top it off, the acrobat spun a giant metal cube featuring the client’s illuminated logo. This breathtaking performance earned a well-deserved standing ovation!

Drone show performer

So, are you ready to get your show on the road? We hope you’re feeling ready to tackle your next entertainment and event design challenge head-on. The next time you need a little inspo on how to wow your audience, just reach out, In the meantime, break a leg. Oh, and get used to the limelight! Now’s your time to shine.

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