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Have Your Sights Set on a Global Event Experience? We Can Help!


Here at 360 Destination Group, we remain focused on providing exceptional experiential events in all of our destinations across the US. But, you know what they say: “Birds of a feather flock together!” and we have strategic partnerships with premier destination services professionals around the globe who are ready to expand your horizons as you take your next event international. 360DG and our partners are here for you—around the world and back again.

International Services

International Destination Consultant

When it comes to global destinations it can be tough to pinpoint the right location for your group. Don’t be led astray by that "bucket list" of must-see locales and attractions—we'll work with you to understand the corporate culture, audience, and objective of your event. Then, we'll match that with seasonality and practicality and offer our recommendations in both existing and emerging locations.

Program Planning & Implementation

Whether it's hotel sourcing and site selection, managing currency and VAT, or navigating cultural and language obstacles, 360 Destination Group is at your side to ensure that you stay on course and deliver an amazing experience!

Creative Design & Magical Venues

When it comes to global travel your greatest ally is that “local” that knows the ropes, navigates the red tape, and moves mountains just to enjoy the wide-eyed, jaw dropping awe of your guests upon arrival.

Create the Event of a Lifetime

Our destination guide is full of great resources to help craft an event no one will forget! Our guide includes hotels, area information, airport locations, weather, and all the 'must-see' locations for your attendees.


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