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Top Ideas for Giving VIPs the True Red-Carpet Treatment – Tips for Planners

Corporate event planners are always looking for ways to impress all attendees – no matter their position or ranking in the hierarchy of the company. Still, the pressure is put on high boil when it comes to the VIPs of a company, particularly those of the upper echelon who have experienced so much personally and professionally in their lives and careers. Leaning on 360DG staff, we provide ways to really wow your top and most important attendees.

Unique Gift Ideas Fit for a VIP

Rather than giving out the standard grab bag of tee shirts and sunglasses, personalize the options based on the personalities of the attendees. For example, create three classifications – “chill-seeker,” “thrill-seeker,” and “skill seeker” – with each of the options offering gifts that suit that personality type. Think GoPros and all-weather shoes for thrill seekers and classes or art supplies for the skill seekers. For an added bonus, offer an activity that allows them to use their unique gift during the program.

Another idea is to give them something they wouldn’t – and couldn’t – find on their own. Case in point: Our San Diego office has brought attendees to a company that creates unique sunglasses featuring art created by local artists. VIPs were treated with a personalized fitting and even worked with an artist to create an absolutely one-of-a-kind gift that couldn’t be purchased anywhere else.

Top Ideas for Giving VIPs the Red Carpet Treatment

One-of-a-Kind Experiences with Services Geared Towards VIP

VIPs have experienced a lot in both their professional and personal lives, so finding something they haven’t experienced can be a struggle. The best bet is to offer them something uniquely tied to the destination. For example, our team in New York City has created exclusive fashion experiences, where a celebrity stylist puts together a fashion show with professional models and discusses the newest trends for the season. Or, in Napa Valley, our team has sent VIPs to meet with elite winemakers for a special tasting, followed by the opportunity to create their own signature blends.

The essential VIP party must-have

An Actual Red-Carpet Treatment – The Essential VIP Party Must-have

Take inspiration from the Golden Globes and Academy Awards and show VIPs how special they really are by turning a corporate event into a glamorous Los Angeles evening complete with a red carpet. As attendees pull up to the event, people posing as “paparazzi” snap pictures (which can be collected after the event) while throwing praise. For a past event in Los Angeles, a Joan Rivers look-alike greeted attendees as they arrived and quizzed them about their outfits and celebrity gossip to give a complete red-carpet treatment.


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