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Meet the Brains Behind Our Destination Management Company


Let us introduce you to the mavericks who’ve mastered the art of making the impossible, possible – a.k.a. the cogs that make our well-oiled machine hum.

At 360DG, our leadership isn’t just about steering the ship; it’s about pioneering uncharted waters in destination event planning. Our leaders – the relentless force behind every successful corporate event – are the people who set the wheels in motion and the dreamers who bring the vision to life. They’re the reason we can deliver the exceptional, time after time.


Trevor Hanks

Managing Partner

Trevor has been in the DMC industry since age 10.

Born into the business as son of the founders of an award-winning DMC, TMM (The Meeting Manager), Trevor grew up packing coolers and delivering props. After working as a trip director for several years, he returned in 1996 to run and expand TMM leading to the merger of TMM and Destination PROS in 2012 into 360 Destination Group. An avid surfer, turbo father of five girls, and stickler when it comes to how an old-fashioned is made, he loves to be active in several industry organizations, including FICP, SITE, and ADMEI, as well as several hospitality industry Advisory Boards.


Shelly Archer

Managing Partner

Shelly makes Magellan look like a homebody.

An Orange County native, she began her hospitality career with a five-star cruise ship line, circumnavigating the globe several times and stepping foot on almost every continent by the age of 30. Today, Shelly has more than 30 years in the service-oriented travel industry under her belt. Combine that with additional event management experience at a local incentive company and a destination management company, and she had the perfect background for owning a top-notch DMC in Southern California.

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