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11 Inclusive Experiences that Put DEI into Action

At 360 Destination Group, we believe everyone deserves a seat at the table. With every event, we strive to create captivating experiences that are inclusive, accessible, and memorable for all. From ADA compliance to partnering with diverse local vendors, we ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are at the heart of every mic-drop-worthy moment. Here are some ways our destination teams have recently brought DEI into the spotlight.

Putting Culture Center Stage

1. Alex Shelton from Houston needed to tailor an event celebrating a client’s predominantly Black audience. By selecting entertainers, activations, and visuals that resonated with the vibrant, modern H-Town vibe, Alex ensured the event was culturally relevant and engaging.

DEI - Proposed Entertainment

Celebrating Latinx Roots

2. Chloe Choi in Nashville designed a Latin American-themed summit inspired by the region’s mosaic of unique cultures. Showstopping decor and visuals were incorporated throughout for a truly inspired fiesta. ¡Que lindo!

latinx roots decor looks

Women Supporting Women

3. Chloe also recently proposed a program highlighting local women-owned businesses in Nashville. Activations included customizable candle, bath salt, and room mist bars. There was also an amenity grab-and-go supporting a local non-profit helping women survivors of human trafficking. Entertainment included a live screening experience and a leather stamping activity. Every detail was as thoughtful and impactful as it was festive.

We’re Stronger Together

4. In Austin, Kelley VanderVeen designed a Club Pride event and proposed themes for Juneteenth and Pride Month.

Kicking Back and Giving Back

5. In Orlando, Nikki Hyytiainen purchased a furniture set from Ashley Furniture for a client’s event as opposed to renting seating. The set was later donated to Habitat for Humanity, furnishing kindness while supporting the local community.

kicking back and giving back  Celebrating NOLA Culture and Heritage

6. Nikki designed a New Orleans program centered around Black-owned businesses. For the welcome night, she incorporated elements of New Orleans culture, and the event decor highlighted the stories of all-Black regiments from World War II.

Diving into the Diversity of San Diego

7. In San Diego, Gabrielle Kandero created neighborhood-themed events that showcased local culture and inclusivity. By incorporating elements like native plants and local artists, Gabrielle ensured that each event was a celebration of the community’s unique flavor.

san diego inclusive experience

Neurodivergent-Friendly Playtime

8. For an upcoming program this fall, Nikki designed a kid’s lounge area with tactile elements for sensory needs, adding a touch of magic to every detail. She incorporated specialized sensory swivel chairs and touch lights on the walls for guests to engage with. Since these items aren’t typically carried by our vendors, they will be donated to a local charity that supports children with autism and their families, giving these items a meaningful life beyond the program.

neurodivergent inclusive experiences

Next-Level Event Accessibility

9. Nikki recently designed a program including menu cards and signage in braille and large fonts, seating arrangements accommodating wheelchairs, and sensory-friendly furniture groupings. ADA-specific transportation was also secured to ensure all attendees could fully participate. Because everyone deserves a front-row seat to the action!

10. In Orange County, Breanne Sutherland organized an ADA-compliant beach party, complete with an ADA restroom trailer and a wooden walkway for wheelchair access. 

11. Alex Shelton and her team in Houston are currently working with a group and keeping accessibility front and center by securing ADA-compliant vehicles so all guests can get to the respective venues. Rolling out the red carpet for everyone!

At 360DG, we are committed to creating events that are not only spectacular but also inclusive experiences. Whether it’s a wheelchair-accessible beach party or a city tour highlighting minority-owned businesses, we want to highlight the unique cultural aspects of each of our destinations while ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to fully enjoy the experience.

We’d like to give a big round of applause to our DDM team for their amazing contributions to this article:

Nikki Hyytiainen, Design & Development Manager, Orlando, Florida

Alex Shelton, Design & Development Manager, Houston, Texas

Chloe Choi, Design & Development Manager, Nashville, Tennessee

Kelley VanderVeen, Senior Design & Development Manager, Texas

Ashley Yanez, Design & Development Manager Los Angeles & Northern California Breanne Sutherland, Director of Design & Development, Orange County, California

Gabrielle Kandero, Design & Development Manager, San Diego, CA


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