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6 Reasons Why Your Company Meetings Should Go Digital in 2021

The hard truth? That Zoom background was only (sort of) funny the first time. If your online meeting invites are eliciting more eyerolls than excitement your team may be suffering from virtual meeting fatigue. Don’t worry, 360 Destination Group is here to help!

We’re using our renowned event planning, creativity, and management skills to curate virtual meetings that aren’t just engaging, but downright experiential. Take your next company-wide initiative, client call, or virtual product launch to the next level and they’ll be talking about it long after they’ve logged off. Not convinced? We’ve put together 6 reasons why your company meetings and events should go digital and how we can make you, and your business, shine.


1. Save Time and Money

Going virtual will likely save time for both meeting planners and attendees. Virtual events are flexible and faster to deploy than traditional meetings—perfect for when you want to host a last-minute team-building experience. Our mixology and Broadway experiences are turnkey and engaging so you get more bang for your buck and access to top talent at your fingertips. That said, larger virtual and hybrid events such as conferences require just as much thought, if not more, than a live event. Whether you’re looking for a quick, low-cost solution or reaching for the stars, our team is here to guide you through the intricacies of any approach.

2. Reach a Broader Audience

Leadership teams are always trying to increase their event’s reach—whether it’s to deliver content, raise money and awareness, or to provide networking opportunities. Going virtual makes it easier than ever to engage attendees all over the world without the worry of traveling and expenses. An added bonus: Sessions can always be recorded for future access. We offer a variety of platform options to store your content indefinitely and keep you basking in that successful event afterglow.

3. Easily Create Meaningful Connections

As with in-person events, we all want to create opportunities for face-to-face interactions. Whether it’s a corporate social responsibility activity for your office or a multi-day conference, virtual events are the perfect fit. As these events are more flexible in nature, attendees can jump in and out of sessions to network with one another through video or chat. This is a huge bonus for sponsors who want to engage with attendees from all over the world! Also, who doesn’t feel closer to someone after seeing their cat or their child running behind them? We’re all human after all!

4. Collect Feedback in Real Time

Let’s get real: How many people actually like raising their hand in a crowded ballroom or scooting down an aisle to the microphone to ask a question? No one? Yeah, that’s what we thought. With virtual events, planners can easily increase engagement by creating a safe and comfortable environment for attendees to ask questions, answer polls, and engage with presenters in real time. They don’t even have to turn on their camera and they’ll be equally (if not more) engaged with the content. Our moderators are here to help you facilitate the Q&As and firing out real-time polls to enhance your presentations and increase audience participation.

5. Quickly Measure Your ROI

With virtual events, we can easily track the digital footprint of your attendees and report back how much time they spent in your virtual networking hall, each specific session, or even how many people they chatted with. Trust us, the benefits of this technology certainly outweigh the slight creepiness factor. This information can be sent to you immediately after your event to help you communicate value and ROI to sponsors, exhibitors, and your leadership team. Don’t worry, we’ll help break down the metrics to form a narrative for you to share with your stakeholders.

6. Rest Assured That the Right Tech (and Team) Is in Place

New virtual event platforms are being released daily. The 360DG team is here to help you weigh the pros and cons of each option and find the perfect fit. Our team is also prepared to help your presenters and attendees with their camera or mic issues as well!

Here at 360 Destination Group, we are at the leading edge of a new frontier in meetings and events. It’s so exciting to be a part of shaping how our industry, society, and humanity will experience events now and in the future! 360 Destination Group is looking forward to being a part of your team and to helping you produce powerful and meaningful virtual events. Let’s get digital!

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