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Top 10 virtual adventure experiences by 360DG

360DG’s Top-10 Bucket List: Virtual Adventure Experiences

The idea of “armchair travel” is nothing new. If you’ve ever become engrossed in a good book or been suddenly sucked into a travel show on TV, you’ve experienced it. But there’s something new to be said about the concept when it’s married with adventure – especially the kind of adrenaline-inducing thrills that you can only find in 360DG’s various destinations. Because you aren’t just simply traveling to a destination without leaving home, but immersing yourself in a particular facet of it – one that gets the heart pumping. Think skydiving over the Grand Canyon, playing a high-stakes game in Vegas alongside a professional card shark, or working on your swing with a World Golf Hall-of-Famer in Naples, Florida. Luckily, 360DG has just the destination connections and networks to create such “armchair adventurous” activities for your virtual excursions.

1. Arizona: Skydive Over the Grand Canyon

Skydive over the Grand Canyon Virtually

Skydiving is by far one of the most thrilling activities you can ever experience. So why not heighten the excitement by skydiving over one of the 7 Wonders of the World, the Grand Canyon? Experience a front-row seat to the breathless excitement of stepping out of an airplane and soaring free over the geologic wonder’s layered bands of red rock with a stunning bird’s-eye view. It’ll be an experience your group will never forget.

2. Santa Barbara: Sail the Pacific Ocean with Whales

Embark on a sailing tour of the Santa Barbara Channel to see stunning views of the American Riviera and the Channel Islands from the comfort of the Double Dolphin Catamaran. Your only mission aboard? To kick back and relax, while guides point out local dolphin pods, and both blue and humpback whales – species that favor the Santa Barbara Channel.

3. Houston: Be an Astronaut for a Day

Be an astronaut for a day

Check out the Houston Space Center and interview a real astronaut. The Official Visitor Center of NASA Johnson Space Center is a Smithsonian Affiliate and one of the city’s top attractions, not to mention, the area’s number-one attraction for international visitors. Have a NASA astronaut join your next meeting, reception, or social time to share firsthand experiences about life at NASA and the challenges preparing for and working in space.

4. San Diego: Shape Up with a Celebrity Fitness Trainer

Get the star treatment with celebrity trainer Jennifer “JJ Dancer” Johnson. In this virtual personal training session, you will learn the JJ Dancer Technique, which combines intense body conditioning, calisthenics, band and barre work, interval training, and kickboxing into a fun, hot, and sweaty dance party. The result is a recognizable “dancer’s body” – lean frame, sculpted arms, flat abs, lifted bum, and slim thighs. No wonder her top clients are Jessica Alba and Jenna Dewan.

5. Las Vegas: Play at the High-Stakes Table

Learn the tips and tricks straight from a professional gambler – one who has made appearances in the World Series of Poker and knows what a high stakes game really is like. In this virtual casino, guests have a chance to play their favorite games before hitting the tables in a charity poker tournament to benefit your organization’s favorite charity. Whether it’s Jennifer Tilly or Scotty Nguyen, these stars bring their poker faces to play.

6. Napa Valley: Take a Wine Tasting Tour

Take a Wine Tasting Tour

It is not every day that you get to taste wine alongside a Mondavi – Angelina Mondavi, that is. She’s at the forefront of an exciting new generation of winemakers in Napa Valley, drawing from generations of her family’s experience. Acting as the consulting winemaker for Brasswood Cellars, Angelina leads your guests through a personable, interactive, and one-of-a-kind virtual wine tasting with a customized flight of world-class Napa Valley wines.

7. San Francisco: Go Flavor Tripping Across the Golden Gate

San Francisco is full of everything magical, and now we’re sending the magic to you. “Flavor Tripping” is a unique experience where you indulge in Miracle Berries, a plant that temporarily alters your sense of taste – don’t worry, they are safe, legal, and amazing (the miracle fruit, also known as Synsepalum Dulcificum, is native to West Africa and has been known to westerners since the eighteenth-century). For up to 20 minutes, the juices of this berry will coat your tongue, causing previously sour foods like lemon and vinegar to magically taste deliciously sweet.

8. Orange County: Paint a Modern Masterpiece with a Renowned Artist

Paint a modern masterpiece with a renowned artist in Orange County

Orange County is an artist community filled with talented, well-known creators. Dip your brush into this unique painting experience with a variety of instructional programming – from studio abstracts to beautiful on-location landscapes – to get your creativity flowing. With new content each week, there is always something inspiring to discover.

9. Fort Worth: Boot-Scootin’ Boogie with a Texas Cowboy

Get your virtual guests up and moving with a professional line dance instructor or dance performance. From the Texas Two-Step to the Can-Can, western dancing is a sure-fire way to get your virtual party guests up on their feet and moving to a happy beat. Even better: Dress your guests up with custom cowboy hats and boots so they can really play the part of a Texas cowboy.

10. Naples: Learn Tips and Tricks from World Golf Hall-of-Famer, Lee Trevino

Get insider tips and tricks from Lee Trevino, an American retired professional golfer who is regarded as one of the greatest players in golf history. Inducted to the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1981, Trevino won six major championships and 29 PGA Tour events over the course of his career. He is one of only four players to twice win the U.S. Open, The Open Championship, and the PGA Championship.

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