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Travis Pham, CMP, Brings a Big Apple Attitude to 360DG’s Global Sales Team

Irvine, California, November 30, 2021 – 360 Destination Group is thrilled to welcome Travis Pham, CMP, back into the family with a new role: Global Business Director. Travis brings 15 years of hospitality industry experience on both the planner and supplier side.

Prior to joining 360DG, Travis focused his career on global hotel sales, destination services, and event management. His unique experience enables him to connect all the dots required for events large and small, live and virtual. Pham is laser-focused on ensuring collaboration among all partners to seamlessly deliver on a client’s vision. He is an advocate for our industry, clients, and destinations across the nation. Travis’s entrepreneurial spirit and creative acumen are a perfect match for creating impactful, unique, and memorable events.

“We are thrilled to announce the hiring of Travis Pham in his new role on the Global Sales team,” says Craig Caron, 360 Destination Group Senior VP of Sales. “His experience and talents will enable us to drive deeper connections with our key customers around the globe.”

Travis is an active member of MPI, SITE, ILEA, HSMAI and currently serves on the MPI Greater New York Board of Directors. When he’s not achieving global sales domination, Travis can be found setting up a picnic at Domino Park overlooking the Willi


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