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Megan Martinez Takes Lead as VP of Global Sales for 360DG

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, April 1, 2024 – 360 Destination Group (360DG) proudly announces the promotion of Megan Martinez to the role of Vice President of Global Sales. Martinez brings with her a wealth of experience garnered from nearly two-decades in the hospitality industry, where she has continually demonstrated exceptional leadership and a profound understanding of clients’ needs.

Martinez joined 360DG in 2021 as a Global Business Director focused on the Midwest region, where she worked tirelessly to craft memorable and unique experiences for her clients across 360DG’s 18-destinations. Her dedication, coupled with her diverse background spanning restaurants, hotels, independent planning, and third-party agencies, has provided her a comprehensive understanding of every facet of event planning and execution.

In her new position, Martinez will oversee global sales initiatives, working closely with the entire team to further enhance 360DG’s market presence as a recognized leader in the industry. Martinez expressed her enthusiasm for the role, emphasizing her commitment to nurturing the company’s culture and facilitating the growth of the global team. She articulated, “I have a deep appreciation for our team’s culture and the spirit of 360DG as a whole. I’m thrilled to support our global team in their growth endeavors, ensuring that we continue to build on our reputation and provide exceptional experiences for all our clients.”

Craig Caron, Chief Operating Officer at 360DG, commented on Martinez’s promotion, “Megan’s exceptional leadership, industry knowledge, and unwavering dedication make her the ideal candidate for Vice President of Global Sales. Her passion for our company culture and her commitment to delivering unparalleled service to our clients aligns perfectly with our core values. We are thrilled to have her stepping into this pivotal role.”

As Martinez assumes her new role, 360DG embraces the opportunities ahead. With her industry expertise and client-focused approach, she’s poised to drive ongoing growth. Her strategic vision ensures the company will continue to thrive, surpassing even more milestones and inspiring innovation, further solidifying 360DG’s position as a leading force in the DMC industry.


For 45 years, 360 Destination Group (360DG) has delivered unforgettable events and memorable experiences for its clients. Their unique and customized approach means stuffy corporate meetings and events are a thing of the past. From planning to execution, the rockstar team at 360DG is leading the way by thinking outside of the mundane box that other corporate events live in. From California to New York and everywhere in between, 360DG packs decades of know-how into amplifying the very best that each destination has to offer. For more information, visit 360DG.com.

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