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Craig Caron is Named Chief Operating Officer of 360 Destination Group

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, June 1, 2023 – 360 Destination Group has promoted industry veteran Craig Caron to the role of Chief Operating Officer. Caron has held the position of Senior Vice President of Sales for 360DG since joining the company in 2021.

Caron began his hospitality career in 1989 by immersing himself in powerhouse hotel groups, including Loews, Marriott, and Hilton. His tenacity proved fruitful as he quickly moved through the ranks soaking up as much knowledge as possible in operations, catering, and convention services. It wasn’t long before he moved into sales, where he rapidly excelled and solidified his role as a leader in the hospitality industry. In 2003, Caron was named Executive Director of the Hilton Worldwide Sales team, where he led many portions of the organization. Caron comments, “For me, it’s all about the team. I enjoy supporting my team members as they grow and advance to the next level of their careers.” Eager to keep learning, Caron made the jump into the audio-visual sector in 2018 to gain a new perspective on the events industry as the Vice President of Global Sales for Encore/PSAV. In 2021, Caron joined the team at 360DG as the Senior Vice President of Sales so that he could continue growing professionally and round out his hospitality career at a company that he truly believed in.

In his new role as COO, Caron will focus on growing the organization and streamlining processes as he continues to mentor and support the 360DG team nationwide. Caron adds, “There’s no ceiling to our ability to grow as long as we stick with our moral and pillar-driven mindset. When you do the right thing, the rest will fall into place. I look forward to continuing to create a collaborative atmosphere that takes care of customer needs in a unique fashion.”

“We know that Craig will do amazing things in his new role. He has already done a phenomenal job of leading our sales division, and we are confident that he will keep working his magic in new and exciting ways,” remarks Trevor Hanks, Managing Partner. As COO, Caron will work hand-in-hand with 360DG’s Managing Partners, Shelly Archer, and Trevor Hanks, on companywide initiatives that will solidify 360DG as the destination management company that clients want to work with and hospitality professionals want to work for.


For 45 years, 360 Destination Group (360DG) has delivered unforgettable events and memorable experiences for its clients. Their unique and customized approach means stuffy corporate meetings and events are a thing of the past. From planning to execution, the rockstar team at 360DG is leading the way by thinking outside of the mundane box that other corporate events live in. From California to New York and everywhere in between, 360DG packs decades of know-how into amplifying the very best that each destination has to offer. For more information, visit 360DG.com.

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