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360 Destination Group aims to be the go-to DMC for creativity & innovation in the meetings and events space

Irvine, California, February 12th, 2020- 360 Destination Group, the leading full-service destination & event management company announced the launch of their Creative Services division.

“We view the addition of this important division as another step at being the best and most innovative DMC in the industry.  Our creative designs have always been of high caliber but with this new Creative Services team focusing on the client’s creative needs, our output will be even more targeted and elevated.” said Shelly Archer, 360 Destination Group’s Managing Partner.

With offices in California, Las Vegas, Arizona, Texas, Chicago, Florida and New York, 360DG aims to leverage its in-market expertise, according to Archer. 360DG wants to own the destination management space—and, in turn, gain the recognition as a trusted source for all meeting & event planning needs.

“You’re most likely to remember something if it evokes an emotion,” Archer said. “We want to take that same approach as a brand through creative storytelling. By building engaging, innovative, and thought-provoking programs – our team ensures you’re the hero in YOUR story.”

The in-house division will have two parts: design & development, develop detailed and targeted programs based on clients’ specific needs; creative services, curated to assist local offices on large scale bids that require an inventive approach, programs that require an additional layer of creative development for décor/entertainment, and multi-destination bids that need support and consistency.

In other 360DG news, the organization has launched a new and improved website. Among the enhancements are an expanded directory of destination-approved preferred and featured hotels, detailed information on destinations that matter to you most coast-to-coast, awards & accolades, a DMC “apples to apples” comparison guide, and examples of programs 360DG have organized.

“2020 is going to be an exciting and innovative year for 360 Destination Group,” said Shelly Archer, 360DG Managing Partner. “We’re aiming to connect with planners & hoteliers in dynamic and creative ways, ensuring 360DG is always top of mind. Expect great content, thought leadership, and above all else, a grand partnership. After all, that’s exactly the essence of our “Built Around You” mentality.”


For 45 years, 360 Destination Group (360DG) has delivered unforgettable events and memorable experiences for its clients. Their unique and customized approach means stuffy corporate meetings and events are a thing of the past. From planning to execution, the rockstar team at 360DG is leading the way by thinking outside of the mundane box that other corporate events live in. From California to New York and everywhere in between, 360DG packs decades of know-how into amplifying the very best that each destination has to offer. For more information, visit 360DG.com.

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