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360 Destination Group Grows with the Addition of Industry Leaders Melissa Cesario And Patty Phelps

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, April 14, 2023 – 360 Destination Group is proud to announce the addition of two new team members, Melissa Cesario and Patty Phelps. Cesario has been appointed General Manager for the 360DG Chicago and New York offices, and Phelps has stepped into the role of Global Business Director with a focus on business development across the organization.

Cesario has extensive experience within the hospitality industry and has held leadership roles in sports and entertainment, convention centers, and hotels. Her strategic vision and operational excellence will drive the continued success of 360DG’s New York and Chicago offices as they continue delivering world-class service to their expansive client base.

Phelps brings a wealth of knowledge in the DMC industry to her new role. With over three decades of DMC experience, she will provide unparalleled service to our national clients throughout the United States. Her expertise and leadership skills will be instrumental in enhancing 360DG’s reputation as a leading Destination Management Company.

Hiring Cesario and Phelps is part of 360DG’s commitment to providing exceptional service while delivering memorable corporate events. As a leading DMC, 360DG is dedicated to creating unique and unforgettable events for their clients. “We are thrilled to welcome Melissa and Patty to our team,” remarks Trevor Hanks, 360DG Managing Partner. “Their impressive backgrounds and tremendous experience will help them fit right in with our growing DMC family. We look forward to seeing them thrive under the 360DG brand as they contribute to our continued success.”


For 45 years, 360 Destination Group (360DG) has delivered unforgettable events and memorable experiences for its clients. Their unique and customized approach means stuffy corporate meetings and events are a thing of the past. From planning to execution, the rockstar team at 360DG is leading the way by thinking outside of the mundane box that other corporate events live in. From California to New York and everywhere in between, 360DG packs decades of know-how into amplifying the very best that each destination has to offer. For more information, visit 360DG.com.

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