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Why Building a Strong Corporate Culture Matters

Welcome aboard the 360DG express — grab your tickets and find your seat, because we’re about to embark on a journey through the landscapes of corporate culture!

We pride ourselves not just on being a leading destination management company since 1978, but on truly creating a workplace culture that stands as a model for others in the industry. 

I worked with our fantastic Director of Employee Relations, Cami Reid, to put pen to paper on what makes our culture pop and fizz better than a champagne toast at midnight. 

Here’s how and why we do it differently, and why we believe a great culture is integral to every successful company.

The Importance of a Strong Corporate Culture

Your culture aligns the company’s vision with the daily actions of your employees, creating a cohesive environment where innovation thrives. And in our industry, innovation is part of the deal. 

Research consistently shows that organizations with strong cultures enjoy higher engagement and retention rates, which naturally lead to better business results. Forbes makes it clear: prioritizing a supportive and inclusive cultural framework isn’t just important — it’s essential. And Harvard backs this up, noting that a well-defined culture doesn’t just make employees happier, it boosts their performance across the board.

So yeah, when it comes to business success, culture isn’t just part of the conversation — it is the conversation!

A Culture That’s Popping!

Our culture is not just about work; it’s about celebrating life and making everyone feel welcome. We view each day as an opportunity to create something memorable, not just for our clients but for our team. We don’t do dull, and we certainly don’t do ordinary.

Initiatives That Make Us Shine – Our approach to nurturing a positive company culture is multifaceted, focusing on recognition, development, and inclusivity:

  • Monthly Superstar Spotlight & Shoutouts on Our MMM: Each month, two team members who go above and beyond are recognized in front of their peers on our all-hands Monday Morning Meeting (MMM) in our Superstar Spotlight. And to sweeten the pot, this honor includes a monetary reward and social media highlight. We’ve also created space at the beginning of each Monday’s call for team members to recognize each other. Think of it as the Oscars, but everyone’s a winner. We love to roll out the red carpet to shine a light on our team’s accomplishments.
  • Celebrations Galore: From birthdays to work anniversaries, every milestone is a bash. If we loved cake any more, we’d have to marry it. Our staff can also expect a birthday card and a token of Shelly and Trevor’s appreciation for their hard work.
  • Oh my, DEI: Our DEI Committee is dedicated to promoting DEI in all aspects of our work. We believe that embracing a diverse range of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences enhances creativity, innovation, and overall excellence. Here, every voice is not only heard but given a microphone. We’re committed to building a culture where everyone not only fits in but stands out, shining with their unique talents and insights.
  • Taking Our Pulse: Twice a year, we roll out our Bi-Annual Pulse Survey. This isn’t just any survey; it’s our way of tuning into the backstage chatter to identify our strengths, areas of improvement, and spotlight our next big moves. Every employee gets a front-row seat to share their thoughts, ensuring their voice is not only heard but shapes the future of 360DG.
  • Likable Leadership: Our leaders, Trevor Hanks and Shelly Archer, don’t hide in ivory towers — they’re in the mix, with doors (and arms) wide open, always ready for a chat or a challenge.
  • Career Catalyst: Think of our Career Training as the gym membership for our team’s professional muscles. We’ve teamed up with a top-notch squad of leadership trainers to pump up their skills and offer mentorship at national and monthly educational meetings.

Indulge In Incentives

We leverage what we excel at — creating extraordinary experiences — to reinforce our corporate culture.

For instance, our Annual Super Trip is more than a getaway; it’s a celebration of the hard work and achievements of our team members. As with any good incentive trip, qualifiers and a plus one enjoy a luxury destination, where events, amenities, flights and transportation are hosted. These events are not just rewards; they are powerful tools for strengthening bonds and building a shared sense of purpose.

When our team feels recognized and valued, they turn that energy into extraordinary experiences for our clients. It’s a win-win: our team is energized and our clients get the best we have to offer.

Round of Applause: Because Everyone Deserves a Standing Ovation

At 360DG, we know that a little recognition goes a long way, which is why we introduced Round of Applause, our employee recognition and rewards platform. This isn’t just your average pat-on-the-back program.

The platform’s magic lies in its ability to foster an atmosphere of appreciation that transcends departmental boundaries, building a community of support and positivity. By giving team members the tools to applaud each other’s successes openly and frequently, Round of Applause strengthens our corporate culture, enhances individual engagement, and ultimately, boosts our collective performance.

With leadership also participating, the platform amplifies the impact of recognition by attaching tangible rewards to these digital accolades.

“As we grow, it is lovely to be able to hear the great things that other teams are achieving and be able to join in to say congratulations! It also creates channels for those who have similar interests to connect and discuss topics outside of work-related conversation. Round of Applause has allowed me to foster new connections with teammates I would otherwise have no connection with due to our geography.”

– Morgan Redd, Director of Design & Development, Texas

So, Why Does This Matter to You, Dear Meeting Planners?

Here’s the scoop: when you team up with 360DG, you’re not just getting a service — you’re getting a partner whose culture is as focused on joy and success as it is on pulling off the perfect event. Our team’s passion and drive are your ticket to an unforgettable experience. 

We believe that by sharing our approach with you, it not only enhances your events but also provides a blueprint for building a similarly joyful and effective workplace culture. Questions? Please reach out to me here!

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