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5 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Event Photographer

5 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Event Photographer

Memories fade, confetti gets swept up, and elaborate setups and stages come down. What doesn’t disappear? A digital gallery that can be duplicated, downloaded, reshared, and repurposed to your heart’s content. While smartphone cameras have advanced significantly in the past few years, nothing compares to having a professional event photographer and trained eye behind the lens. That’s where hiring a professional comes into play; they come equipped with the expertise and equipment needed to capture high-quality photos that showcase your company in the best possible light. They are pros at creating a consistent visual narrative that aligns with the brand and messaging of the company – something an iPhone alone could never do.

Photographers don’t just click a button. They help tell a story and work directly with event organizers to ensure that critical moments and details never go unnoticed. Not only do they know how to be a fly on the wall and offer a unique perspective to the day, but they also assist in creating a positive experience for attendees by capturing their interactions and making a lasting memory of the event. If we have yet to convince you, here are five reasons why 360DG highly recommends having a professional event photographer capture your next unforgettable experience.


A photo is worth a thousand words. Event photography illuminates far more than an on-camera flash – it highlights team bonding, documents groups coming together in a positive light, and serves as a reminder of your company’s values. You get to show your audience – whether on social media or an email list – a glimpse into the people behind your brand. A reader scrolling through your website can see an archive of events your team has participated in, which helps create a consistent narrative.


Potential clients care about the type of businesses they work with and want to know the people they will work directly with. Clients want to work with companies that invest in their employees and inspire them to dream big. This shows potential clients that relationships matter and are at the core of your work. By showing real faces and highlighting real events through the eyes of a professional photographer, you’re offering potential clients a glimpse into your company’s personality.


People want to be remembered, and they want to feel seen. A professional photographer can walk around an event and engage with attendees, making them feel special. It’s common for a photographer to be approached at an event and asked for a photo by a group; people want to remember important days. Contrary to what most think, this is not just reserved for weddings. Any event can benefit from a photographer or videographer because every event has a story to tell.


Sometimes we hear feedback about why people might not want to hire a professional event photographer. While cost is typically at the top of that list, some clients feel like it’s an unnecessary expense, and they don’t see the full value or potential. Many people will attempt to capture their event with just a smartphone. Even as technology has advanced and iPhone photography has become the norm, there is still a lot lacking compared to what you would get with a professional photographer.

Since photographers don’t attend events as guests, they can focus their entire time and energy on documenting the occasion. They also know proper lighting, have a variety of lenses, and keep composition in mind for every shot. Rather than waiting on your team members to add photos to a shared drive, the photographer or videographer will handle post-processing and upload the footage to a sharable gallery. Having a professional on board allows everyone attending the event to truly enjoy the experience – without the pressure of documenting every moment.


Another reason why photos and videos are so important? They can be used on blogs, websites, social media, print collateral, internal use, and selling. Photos and videos don’t have to be tied to one event. Many event photos can be included in evergreen content. Event photography can be used in countless ways, including employee appreciation posts and recruitment collateral. These materials can be harnessed long after an event is over to recruit, sell, and inspire. When we work with our clients to procure event photos and videos, we ensure everyone is aligned with the event’s purpose and that the footage moves them toward their goals. If a larger production video is being created, it goes through rounds of edits to ensure the final product is exactly what the client wants. Once the event is wrapped up, the client will receive a digital gallery of the edited images/videos to view, share, and download.


At the end of the day, hiring a professional event photographer takes some of the stress out of the day. Hosting an event takes a lot of time and energy, and unexpected hiccups can always arise throughout the day. Instead of juggling multiple tasks, hand off your photography needs to the pros; it will give you one less thing to worry about. What’s more, it will also give you and your guests a chance to fully enjoy and be present during the experience. The best memories are made when you live in the moment – instead of behind a phone screen.

Looking for examples of standout event photography? Check out our Portfolio to see how we use photography to memorialize events!

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