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360DG’s Top 6 Event Trend Predictions of 2023

360DG’s Top 6 Event Trend Predictions of 2023

By: Tina Martinez, VP of Design and Development

2022 came with a resurgence of opportunities and challenges in the events industry. Many of us hit the ground running last year with in-person and hybrid events that played by a fresh set of rules and incorporated shiny new advancements in technology (looking at you, Metaverse). Eager for authentic connection, we engaged with events again and watched how the rapid evolution of digital and design influenced the landscape of the events industry. And 2023 is no different. At 360DG, we keep our finger on the pulse of what’s new and trending in the events industry at all times because to deliver the best of the best to you, we have to stay one step ahead. From wellness-centered activations to sustainability in action, here are our top 6 event predictions for 2023!


Expect to see this vibrant, bold, and demanding hue splashed across welcome signs, printed on collateral, and highlighted in the color palettes of 2023 events. Pantone’s Color of the Year, Viva Magenta, excels at amplifying your message and grabbing audiences’ attention in real life and the virtual world. This crimson-esque color is inspired by the red pigment from cochineal beetles, one of the most precious natural dyes in the world, and brings a dose of radiant and organic beauty to any event. Pair Viva Magenta with deep jewel tones like emerald green and navy blue for a powerful look, or blend it with soft neutrals, including sand and cinnamon brown, to embody a more grounded essence. Keep it simple and play with adding magenta floral arrangements to table settings, photo backdrops, and entrances. Mix some red, pink, and purple florals into your pieces for subtle dimension and a dash of playfulness. This color is anything but serious.


Eco-friendly is (thankfully) becoming a new standard across the board, and we see that reflected in our industry through events, food, art, and entertainment. Embrace this culture shift by repurposing elements used for events: donating florals and leftover food, showcasing sustainable meal options, and highlighting where food is sourced on menus. Virtual events are another simple way to make a significant sustainable impact – when you exclude travel, food production, accommodation, and venue energy from experience, you’re helping to cut down on carbon emissions. Sure, virtual formats produce their own set of emissions, but sustainability is not about being perfect. It’s about making conscious choices that have a positive impact.


Alcohol consumption saw a spike in 2020, but post-pandemic, those numbers have been declining, with a staggering 35 percent of Americans participating in Dry January in 2022. Health-conscious choices are on the rise, and the popularity of mocktails goes hand-in-hand with other wellness concepts like veganism or vegetarianism, sustainability, and mindfulness. To stay on top of this sober-curious movement, we anticipate numerous non-alcoholic options, even full menus, across events this year. To incorporate booze-free beverages into your offerings, pick from a variety of up-and-coming NA beers, wines, and spirits to replace the alcohol in any drink or recreate your signature cocktail by omitting the alcohol!


A lot of time and money is spent building memorable events, and you want attendees to leave with more than just a handful of business cards and a decked-out swag bag. So, what is the best way to keep them engaged? Layer the learning experience with engaging activations, performances, and photo-worthy opportunities through experience-driven events. You don’t have to land an A-list celebrity appearance or scout larger-than-life performers to make an impact. You can create a lineup of notable speakers your target audience wants to hear from or close out each day with live entertainment and dinner curated by a local vendor. When people reflect on an event, you want them to recall key experiences and small details, like the sights, sounds, and feelings they had. As Maya Angelou said, “People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.”


Speaking of wellness-focused choices, don’t be surprised when you stumble upon a lavender-scented nook decked out with floor cushions and mood lighting at your next conference – you’ve unlocked the meditation space. Mindfulness and wellness activities, like group yoga classes, primal movement, and breathwork, are starting to pop up at all types of events to allow attendees to escape from the fast-paced environment on the other side of the door. Incorporating mindfulness helps not only relieve stress but also fosters creative thinking and strengthens interpersonal connections – which is exactly what you want to happen at your event.


Long gone are the days of sticking to one strict design style. This year, allow creativity to flow and expand into uncharted territories by blending styles like vintage and modern or minimalist and bohemian. Utilizing complementary design styles amplifies the overarching theme and aesthetic while creating an environment guests will want to actually spend time in. To keep it cohesive, determine a color palette and focus on balancing out each style, so one is not overpowering the setting. Determine a focal point, likely the most eye-catching piece, and build out the rest from there while keeping in mind that design rules are meant to be bent, if not broken.

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